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More than 17 million animals were euthanized in this country in one year. After instituting active TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs, that number was decreased to 5 million!














About Noah's Ark

In 1996 Barbara Beeson moved to Pompano Beach, Florida from Memphis, Tennessee with her husband, Jim. As new residents, one of their favorite pastimes was to walk down the beach to the fishing pier. Immediately they spotted cats and kittens. They spoke to the management at the restaurant, Fisherman's Wharf, and were informed that the cats were fed daily by local, caring people and if the cats were sick or injured, they were taken by these caring individuals to vets when possible.

However, the cats were not being spayed or neutered and few kittens were being adopted out. Having rescued animals most of their lives and being strong proponents for sterilization, Barbara and Jim saw a disaster in progress. The Beesons and Barbara's mother, Bette Walston, began a trap, neuter, release program (TNR) out of their own limited funds. After neutering/spaying about twenty cats and adopting out several kittens, their networking began to pay off.

They were educated on the realities of TNR in South Florida when they were introduced to Discount Spay and Neuter Clinic and learned the importance of becoming a non-profit 501(c)3.

Today, Fisherman's Wharf has closed and the colony was humanely relocated to safety by Noah's Ark.People continue to move and abandon their pets and the ferals continue to wander in. But vigilance pays off and the TNR continues. We are committed to discouraging people from abandoning their pets through continued education and by offering alternative positive solutions.

This was the beginning of the dream.

As all animal lovers know, once the heart begins to recognize the ferals and strays. they appear everywhere -- behind every restaurant, apartment building and business.

Ultimately, with the help of the great law firm McLean and Ema (specifically Mr. Thornton Scott), Noah's Ark Sanctuary for Abused and Abandoned Animals was founded by a handful of dedicated souls.

In 2003, Noah's Ark opened a small adoption center in Pompano Beach at 2217 E. Atlantic Blvd. We are adopting beautiful, healthy, rescued cats to loving, indoor homes.

We use the word sanctuary because that is our dream. Noah's Ark is a 501(c)3, non-profit corporation, completely staffed by volunteers who are dedicated to reducing the cat and dog overpopulation by spaying and neutering as many as possible.

The cats are humanely trapped, tested for disease, spayed and/or neutered, and vaccinated. An ear is notched for identification. Even though we do not have a physical shelter for them, we do not hesitate to also rescue stray, wounded or lost dogs. Our volunteers use any available space to care for these animals.

Our goal is to create a no-cage, no-kill, shelter with enough fenced area for healthy feral cats to roam freely and safely and to house stray and abandoned dogs in a home-like setting with room to run. We hope to provide lifetime sanctuary for the unadoptables.

Picture a small Lion Country Safari, if you will. We plan to host free spay/neuter days and provide low cost veterinary care.

This can all become a reality with your help.

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