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More than 17 million animals were euthanized in this country in one year. After instituting active TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs, that number was decreased to 5 million!


















These Adorable Adoptables will fill your heart!
Thanks to your support they can have a wonderful life.

This is Smidget. She is a spayed female with all of her shots. Laid back and cuddly, she is like a huggable rag dog. Smidget loves to play and when she needs to, she takes a relaxing nap. Smidget is about a year and half old. She was abandoned when her owner went into drug rehab.

This is Peter and Squeaker and Timmy. These three are buddies and love to play together! They know they have been saved from a bad fate, and they express their gratitude by getting along and giving lots of love!

Squeaker and Timmy are less than 2 years old. Squeaker is a spayed female, and Peter and TImmy are neutered. They were rescued from a construction site.

This is Peter the Leader. He cannot wait to give you hugs and his meow melts your heart! Peter loves to nestle around your neck and you can hear his purring two rooms away. Peter was rescued from deplorable living conditions along with dozens of others. In Florida, they call these places "houses of filth." You'd never know that Peter's beginnings were so awful - he embraces every moment with joy & happiness.
This is Tommy. Tommy was initially very shy, but now he is such a love bug! Tommy and his brother Timmy are truly loving and they need a human family that will love them both!
This is Boris of Boris and Natasha! Boris and Natasha are HUGE lovers. They need to be together when they find their perfect home ...they are inseparable. Boris and Natasha are brother and sister to Peter and were also rescued from "the house of filth."
Boris, Natasha and Smidget love to hang out together. They all are incredibly loving and playful cats. Like their friends who are also "in transit," they know that they have been given a second chance and they show their gratitude regularly.


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