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More than 17 million animals were euthanized in this country in one year. After instituting active TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs, that number was decreased to 5 million!
























































Happy Endings!
Read these happy stories and feel how wonderful
it is to make a difference!

Here are Amber and Ben. Not only did they get a new home, they found true love. Amber was dumped on private land by her owners and was very pregnant. She was frightened, cold and hungry. We suspect Ben was thrown away by a breeder because he was not perfect (He's a Birman.) He was found under a local pier and the vet estimated he had less than 48 hours to live because of the flea infestation that had gone into his spinal cord. You can see that their "happy ending" is extraordinary!

This is Sally. She and her sister Molly, both beautiful calicos, were rescued from a local beach park. They also had fleas, worms and dehydration.

You can see that Sally is truly "living high" these days, as is her sister Molly!

Sally and Molly's life is complete with home entertainment and their own pet videos, which you can see they truly enjoy.

From their dark beginnings, thanks to the people at Noah's Ark, not only are these lovely angel souls happy and well cared for, they bring lots of love to their owner.

This is Murphy. You can see that life is good and "laid back." Murphy and his brother Baxter were also living under the pier. Like most rescued cats, they had fleas, worms and conjunctivitis. As you can Murphy (and his brother Baxter) are now living it up.

This is Jessie. Jessie was rescued from the streets of Pompano. He was dying from mange, worms and flea infestation.

This is Jessie today. Jessie is a feral cat. He doesn't trust humans. Can you blame him? He needs a sanctuary where he can be cared for the rest of his life.

This is Lady. Lady was abandoned in one of Pompano's parks. She had a huge tumor on one rear foot. Lady had a terrible case of mange. She is very sweet and very grateful.

The sad part is that Lady is old and finding a home for an older dog is difficult. Does she deserve to die afte all she has been through?

She is a survivor and deserves to be given sanctuary for the rest of her days.
This is BooBoo. Someone's sick idea of cruel fun. BooBoo is also a survivor.

BooBoo is going to be a fine healthy cat.

His fate would be quite different if he had ended up in a shelter instead of being cared for by Noah's Ark volunteers vet.
This is Fritz. He was scheduled for euthanasia because Fritz is FIV positive. He carries the disease but has not symptoms and feels great. Fritz got lucky. Because he cannot be with other animals but poses no threat to humans, his rescuer allow shim to live a wonderful pampered life in her place of business. There are countless other precious animals all with their own heartbreaking stories. YOU can make a difference.
Wouldn't you love to be an angel to help give another animal a happy ending?

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