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More than 17 million animals were euthanized in this country in one year. After instituting active TNR (trap, neuter, return) programs, that number was decreased to 5 million!















Our Vision - We Have a Dream

At Noah's Ark we have a dream. It's a beautiful Florida afternoon. You are looking for something different to do. As you are driving down a well-traveled road, you notice a wooded park-like area. Near the entrance, you notice a sign: "Noah's Ark Sanctuary for Abused and Abandoned Animals."

Surprised, you decide to follow the winding entry road through the woods. As you enter a clearing you see a beautiful log building with a huge screened porch. You also notice off to the left a sign pointing to the rear of the property which says, "Future home of Noah's Dogs."

Amazed that an idea like this exists, you decide to park your car and explore Noah's Ark.

Walking up a brick paver lane, you notice that every brick is engraved with the name of one of Noah's benefactors. You enter a covered porch with rocking chairs and hear cheerful, inspiring music.You see people quietly sitting, enjoying each other. Many are holding cats, fondly petting them.

As you enter through the glass front door, you see a lovely huge room. The display shelves and cheerfully clothed tables boast many cat inspired items. Everywhere you see cat related items, including home decorating accessories.

Everywhere cats are roaming freely - in the gift shoppe, sunning in the windows, relaxing in cushioned baskets on high shelves. A special kitty ladder leads up to the shelves with baskets and more shelves that wind all the way around the room. Even more enticing, you see that some cats are in special walk-in screened rooms.

These cats are new to Noah's Ark and are happily getting acquainted with their new, safe and exciting environment.

Nearby you see a Noah's Ark volunteer helping a loving couple select and adopt a kitty.

Now you see the door leading to the atrium and enclosed courtyard. Beautiful music beckons you as you walk toward the posted sign that joyfully declares "Today's entertainment is the Pompano Symphony."

Filling the room are people from all walks of life enjoying themselves while the cats sun themselves, enjoying the attention and counting their blessings that they truly have this wonderful new life.

Our dream includes a compassion program for first time juvenile offenders and troubled kids. Most troubled youth have been neglected in their homes, ignored or bullied at school, and many have been shuffled through a poorly managed foster system.

How can they learn about caring and compassion? It has been proven that caring for and learning to love animals develops not only compassion, but purpose and a renewed sense of purpose.

We also have plans to help heal the hearts of the elderly by allowing them to adopt a pet for a day and have a true connection with an animal who cares.

This is just the beginning of our dream. We are committed to our vision and will put every resource available to us to meet our goal.

We would love for you to be part of this wonderful dream. There is no greater gift to the self than knowing you have made a difference for a being who just needed a little help.

Will you be part of Noah's Ark and our dream?

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